Victory Programme

A wartime-themed project that teaches simple cooking skills on a low budget to help tackle poverty and isolation in Scarborough. Victory Programme is a six-week course, inspired by the community spirit and resourcefulness created during the Second World War, where participants cook tasty meals together, make new friends and gain confidence. It is aimed at vulnerable adults facing homelessness or struggling with life skills, older people facing loneliness, and families on free school meals who are referred by local schools. This takes place on Wednesdays @ 11am - 1pm. Enquire for more details!

Street Ministry

Like so many places, Scarborough faces challenges with homelessness and poverty .One of the really important ways our church support our community gains a presence in the local community is through selling army papers in the town centre just round the corner from the citadel.

Pictured here is Mick Herbert who meets people each Friday as he sells the War Cry